About Eva

A Few Words From the Founder…

I was born in Czechoslovakia, lived in Israel for a short while and moved with my family to NYC when I was a little girl. I went to Brooklyn College and got a masters degree in comparative languages.

After getting married, I moved to Boston and worked as a high school teacher. My husband, a physician, decided to open a practice in NJ, and when I made that move, I made a change in my career.

I believe that I have a strong intuitive sense about people, which is coupled with a keen understanding of their probable needs.

Within a short time of moving to NJ, friends and neighbors were impressed with my ability to hire exceptional housekeepers and nannies, and they often asked for my help when they needed one.

Change in career

So, instead of continuing a career as a language teacher, I made a transition and started a domestic employment agency.

It became successful quickly, in part, because I thoroughly discussed each employer’s unique situation; what personality in an employee would be a good fit for the family. And what sort of an arrangement would best suit them

Since 1977 my agency has always been a forerunner when there have been changes in trends regarding household help.

Honesty, Integrity, and Thoroughness

When speaking with an employer I am careful to convey every relevant bit of information about an employee. Occasionally I interview an impressive candidate but am told that they only want to do this for a year or two. And so I relay this information to an employer so he can make a decision knowing this.

I take pride in running my business with honesty, integrity, and thoroughness. Even after a placement is made I keep in touch with both employer and employee to make sure things are running smoothly.

Having been a working mom with 3 children myself, I can empathize with someone who is depending on a nanny to show up and care for her children. If the nanny calls at the last minute to say she cannot come. Or if without any warning, she quits, you feel sudden heart-stopping anxiety.

I can also fully appreciate a situation where a new mom gives birth to one or multiple newborns. And thought she was all set with the person she agreed to hire two months ago. But finds out that the woman has taken another job and has forgotten to mention this to her.

Commitment and personal touch

In the course of my business, I have often received frantic calls from working people who need someone immediately. I take these calls very seriously and personally. I imagine one of my own children being desperate for help.

When the situation calls for it, I will put in a 14 hour day, 7 days a week to help someone in a critical situation.

I am also very patient with people, probably because of personal experience. I am often asked to find a companion for someone’s elderly parent. Sometimes I realize the parent is quite senile or obstinate or in denial of needing any help. I know, from experience, we can eventually satisfy about anybody.  And this is by finding the right type of person one who is sensitive to the particular needs of the employer.

I give each client who calls me my full attention, expertise, and patience.