The Hiring Process

Who is Your Ideal Hire?

In order to create a profile for your ideal employee we will need the following information:

What are your priorities in an ideal candidate? What skills must the candidate have and which skills would you prefer the candidate to have? A full range of personal characteristics in your ideal candidate will also be explored.

  • Explore the full range of skills, talents and personality traits needed for the job from languages spoken and understood to the type of cuisine that will be prepared and comfort level with pets:
  • Education and skill sets
  • Medical, dietary and other needs of all family members, including children
  • Scheduled days/hours, tasks and responsibilities, pay scale
  • Driving experience, energy/athleticism (Does the potential employee have the ability to play ball or other outdoor games with the kids?)
  • Communication preferences- how will the candidate interact with the family?
  • Will this be a live-in/live-out arrangement?
  • What type of situation or candidate hasn’t worked well in the past, and what has?

A relationship is fluid and evolves over time, and your demands are likely to grow and change, but walking through an extensive checklist in order to determine both your needs and your helper’s expectations upfront will ensure the best candidate and ultimately a wonderful fit.

Interviewing the Candidate

Prior to the interview, you will receive references as well as a guide on pre-interview questions to ask. We will coach you on:
  • The best questions to ask and what to look for during the interview
  • Situational interviewing and important scenarios to present to helpers in order to see how they would respond
  • We will help you with two key interview practices that we’ve found to triple the chances for a successful hire
  • You also have the option to conduct a preliminary interview via either video conference or in-person.
  • We’ll share a simple guide on post-interview reference checks and the most effective way of conducting them

Conduct Trial

There is no better substitute for experience, and this two-week trial period will be followed by a three-month period trial. Within this time you will be able to change your household help for any reason at no cost.
  • We’ll walk you through questions that will help you understand the candidate’s point of view.
  • We’ll share a guide on things to look for during this trial period
  • We’ll take your calls and be a constant resource on how to optimize your relationship or deal with any challenges/questions that may arise.

Conduct Trial

The hiring process will conclude with a discussion that will go over:
  • Best practices for effectively giving and getting feedback on a regular basis
  • How to have difficult conversations and address any challenges
  • How to give and get feedback to ensure a thriving environment
  • A form to assess performance to aid in communication and conversations with the employee as an expected part of basic protocol