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Tips On Making The Best Decision For Elder Care

Should Elderly Parents Stay In Their Own Home Or Be Moved To A Health Care Facility?

The challenge of how to best provide elder care for a parent is a difficult one because the situation is almost always fluid, and there are often many variables to consider.  What seems like the right decision at any given time may change quickly.

In addition, what seems like the best solution to you may not be what your parent wants.

A common scenario is the loss of a spouse, with it accompanying depression and lethargy.  The surviving spouse loses interest in everything, even basic hygiene.

Sometimes the person in charge realizes that the parent is losing focus and the ability to remain safe in the home while caring for himself.   Another issue arises if the son or daughter lives far from the parent and finds it difficult to asses the parents’ needs.  Having to suddenly make important decisions regarding the care of an elderly parent can seem overwhelming.

My advice is to try and come up with a plan together with all parties concerned….parent and all siblings.  Begin with the premise that everybody wants what is best for your parent.  All possible options should be presented.  Often it is not an easy decision.

If the ultimate decision is to keep your parent at home it is wise to work with a nurses-aide agency to find a compatible caretaker.   If your parent lives far away you may opt to move them to your home and have a nurses-aide care for them there.  You may start by employing a nurses-aid on a part time basis and increase that to full time if and when needed.  You may eventually decide that a live in caretaker is needed.

When looking for a nurses-aide you should help the agency choose someone by carefully detailing your parent’s personality.  It is very important to choose someone who is compatible, pleasant and competent.

If your decision is to find a health care facility, make sure, if at all possible, that your parent is comfortable with that decision.

Should your Nanny also be your Housekeeper?

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Is it reasonable to expect that the person who cares for your children should also maintain your home?  The answer depends on many factors.

The first factor to consider is whether both parents work full-time.  If the nanny is on her own as the caregiver, you cannot expect as much housekeeping to be done as you can when a parent is around at least part of the time.  Other factors, which must be considered, are how many children are being cared for, what are their ages, and just how much time and effort is required for the housekeepingl

You can probably expect very little care for the home if there are 2 or more children who require care.  If, on the other hand, most or all of the children are in school part of the day, you can expect the nanny to do some cleaning.

A logical way to determine a realistic set of expectations, would be to put yourself in the nanny`s situation and see what you could accomplish in a day when you are caring for your children.  If all your energy is sapped by child-care, you should not expect the nanny to do more than you are comfortable doing.

If there is a several hour gap when children are napping or in school, perhaps some cleaning or cooking could be expected.

At the time of the interview you may tell a prospective nanny that you expect a certain amount of housekeeping.  The employee may turn out to be an amazing nanny but she lets you know that anything beyond child-care is simply overwhelming and she is not prepared to do both.  You must then decide if you are willing to accept that situation.

Only if your nanny has a bloc of hours with absolutely nothing to do should you expect substantial housekeeping to be accomplished.  A Superwoman might do both simultaneously, but it is not realistic for you to expect that.

Assess your Situation:

  • How many hours is your nanny on her own with the children
  • How many children do you have and how old are they
  • How much time is the nanny spending on errands and just basic chores relating to the children.

It is also very important to be as clear and specific as possible at the time of the interview to let the nanny know what is most important to you and how you expect her to allocate her time.

Your Nanny Just Gave You Two Weeks Notice!

Your nanny just gave you two weeks notice!

You and your husband have very demanding responsibilities at your full time jobs, and your nanny just told you that she has accepted another position and is giving you two weeks notice.  You start to hyperventilate.  You are barely managing your life as it is; work, home, and children, not to mention any badly needed leisure.  You ask if she could give you more time to try to find somebody new because two weeks is just not enough time, but she says no.  The best thing you can do is to call a nanny service and explain your dilemma.

Is there anything you could have done to prevent this calamity or could you have seen this coming?  Maybe.  When an employee who is usually enthusiastic and engaged suddenly seems detached you need to take notice.  Or when your employee who is usually very agreeable begins making unreasonable demands such as asking for more time off or becoming very inflexible, you should consider these changes as warning signs which must not be ignored.

With a busy work schedule you know that 2 weeks in not enough time for this very important endeavor.   You don’t have many options so you spring into action.  On the one hand you want your next hire to be chosen carefully without feeling like you are under the gun.  One of your options is to ask the nanny agency if they have people who are interested in just filling in for short periods while you carefully look for a permanent person in the event that becomes necessary.

When interviewing people, make sure that you know how long that employee has remained at previous positions.  You don’t want somebody who makes a habit of jumping from job to job at unacceptably short intervals. You must realize that if the salary, which you offer, is not consistent with her expectations, she will likely be searching for another position even though she accepts your offer for a short period of time.

Before you make your choice, arrange for your prospective new nanny to come on the weekend if you cannot do this during the usual workweek in order to see how she interacts with you and the children.

If it turns out that you like more than one candidate let your second choice know that if things don’t work out in the first few weeks with the person you have hired you will let her know.

Its important to avoid being held hostage by your nanny because she knows how much you depend on her, so it is best to be very clear at the outset what you are offering, and what you expect.  Be clear about salary, overtime, paid holidays and sick days. Discuss your expectations specifically with regard to her duties about  full or light cleaning.  Make a list of the chores you expect her to take care of.  Anticipate situations, which might occur and tell her your thoughts and expectations and ask her to do the same.

Do You Really Need a Housekeeper?

When the responsibility of housekeeping is totally up to you, it is not unusual to sometimes feel overwhelmed by your numerous responsibilities. In addition to a demanding job and caring for our children, we also have to manage our homes.

When it all seems to get beyond our control, our frustration may be expressed towards our family as loss of patience or even anger.

One of the easiest ways to ease a burdensome schedule is to get help to maintain your home. However, some people feel that having a stranger in the house is

Intrusive and would rather just do everything themselves regardless of the burden which they are assuming.

This concern can be alleviated, at least in part, by careful screening of the candidate at the interview process. Finding someone who is discrete with a calm and sensitive manner can make a difference. When getting references ask the former employer if the housekeeper is chatty and “in your face”. Let the employee know that you are not interested in having much conversation during the workday.

Another common concern with getting a housekeeper is the assumption that nobody is going to do as thorough a job of cleaning, as they would do themself. Regardless of whether or not this is true it is still possible to get a very thorough housekeeper. You have the option of trying several people before making your ultimate choice, and you can show them exactly how you like things to be done.

Another cause for reluctance to hire housekeepers is the often-erratic schedules of the employer who may not want someone in the house when they are not there. A possible solution to that is to share a housekeeper with someone else. If you or they are away it may be possible to coordinate your schedules to your satisfaction.

Still another concern is the expense. Cost can be lowered if you work together with the employee so that the workday is shortened by one half.

I suggest that you experiment with having household help for a while in order to see for yourself if the quality of your life is improved.

How To Create A Loyal Nanny

A happy nanny is a loyal nanny!

The most important thing that you can do to keep your nanny happy is to make sure that you are paying a competitive salary.  You do not want your nanny to be at a playground and discover in a conversation with other nannies that she is being paid several hundred dollars less than they are!  If you are seeking help through a nanny agency, they can surely advise you on what the going rate is .  Otherwise, ask friends what the going rate is for an experienced nanny with good references.

Make sure that her schedule is consistent with the going standard on vacations.  Usually a two week paid vacation is acceptable.  Discuss which national and religious holidays you will offer and pay for.  Make sure that she approves of this schedule, and make sure that she considers it to be fair.  You don’t want resentment, which may lead to future disagreements

If a nanny or Au pair is living with you her accommodations should be pleasant and comfortable.  At the very least, she should have a closet, bureau, window and TV in her room.  A private bathroom is desirable but not necessary.

If you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion, offer to have her share meals with the family or ask if she would prefer her privacy at meal times.  Just make sure it is her choice.  Offer to include her at family outings.

Discuss what her food preferences are and be sure to buy them when you doing the marketing. Let her know you value her opinion on matters concerning the children.  Discuss possible solutions dealing with children’s issues.

If your Au pair is from another country show an interest in her customs. For instance, you could ask if she would like to cook something that she is familiar with from home.

If your Au pair seems lonely, try to find local girls that she might befriend.  You could put the word out among friends and neighbors who similarly have a nanny living with them.

Periodically ask your Au pair if she would like to discuss any issues that might improve the daily routine.

If a situation arises where you feel you must reprimand or instruct the nanny about a matter, do it in a sensitive way.  Try not to create an adversarial or confrontational situation.

Remind the children that it is important to be polite, cooperative and considerate to the nanny.  Explain that you are doing your best to provide for the smooth functioning of the home and you depend on the nanny’s help.

Your peace of mind and happiness depends on the loyalty of the nanny.  So make sure she’s happy!


best professional housekeeper placement services in the usa

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The process of selecting a housekeeper is one that you should take very seriously in order to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your family safe and secure. Letting someone into your house that you do not know is not something that you are going to be very comfortable with doing is you are uncertain about who the person is or where they come from.

However, there are many people that find themselves simply letting strangers into their home and hoping for the best.

Many times, they do not stop the think about the fact that they are allowing people that they do not know to have access to their children. No matter what you do, it is important that you put the safety of a child before anything else that you may be concerned with at the moment. The easiest way to protect the children in your home would be to avoid strangers all together and go with a housekeeping service that would provide you with security and honesty.

Selecting one of the best professional housekeeper placement services in the usa would ensure that you no longer have to let someone you are uncomfortable with into your house in the hopes that nothing is going to happen.

Being very busy and working long hours is something that you are likely to face as some point if you are a working parent. However, it is very important that you do not make a decision that could put the members of your family in any type of danger.

When you are in need of professional housekeeping services, simply look to placement services that would provide a quick solution that you can be comfortable with. Rest easier at night knowing that your will have a clean space without taking any risks.

Connecticut Maid Placement Agency: Hire A Dependable Maid

Home Cleaning, Housekeeper

For most mothers, it is not always possible to take care of their home and complete all the household chores on time. If you are one of those persons who struggle with a lot of household work every day, you might want to consider hiring a maid from a reliable Connecticut maid placement agency.

You can search for a maid online or offline. However, it is important that you pick a reputable agency. Some agencies recruit ill-trained people and provide substandard services. A good agency has a selection of well-trained housemaids who are experienced in housekeeping duties. Almost everyone has the requisite skills such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, gardening, babysitting, and general housekeeping.

It is not easy to find the right maid on your own. If you want someone to keep your house clean and tidy, you would want someone with enough experience in housekeeping. Similarly, if you want someone to take care of your baby, you would like to hire a maid who is adept at babysitting. The best thing about housemaids is that they already have a team of dependable maids ready to be matched with the requirements of the potential employers and sent to work. This saves a lot of your time. All you are required to do is to submit your request for a maid and specify the skills you are looking for.

When you hire a maid from an agency, you are saved the trouble of having to conduct personal one-to-one interviews with the applicants and making a background check of them. These things are all done by the agency and it is their responsibility to provide you with someone who is responsible, efficient and trustworthy. As far as the cost is concerned, hiring from an agency is reasonable and does not require you to break the bank. Considering the trouble that you save yourself, the expense is worth it.

If you are on the lookout for a housemaid, a maid agency is your best bet.

Home Surveillance In Focus

nanny-cams-picMany parents have opted to use concealed home surveillance systems, to monitor their child’s babysitter. Global retail chain, Counter Spy Shops, reports a twenty-five percent sales increase of these systems – typically referred to as “nanny cams” – during the previous half-decade. However, some people regard this as an unethical practice. Prior to purchasing your nanny cam, consider these facts:

Nanny Cams-Benefits

These days, there are numerous cameras offered for sale. The majority are wireless, and these can be concealed in virtually any kind of household object, from stuffed animals to plants. The price varies as well, from roughly $100.00 for a standard camera (that offers remote access to your computer), to over $500.00 for a digital system (that can relay live video footage, via mobile phone or computer). Some parents choose to use these surveillance systems, because it puts their minds at rest.

The Drawbacks of Nanny Cams

Some research indicates that child carers are not opposed to being video recorded while at work. However, most carers say that they would like to be informed about it beforehand. The issue here is whether the safety concerns of parents justify the use of covert methods.

More Home Surveillance Applications

A spy cam has other uses, apart from child care. These devices are useful, if you are having your property cleaned. Also, they are useful for general security purposes, and ad hoc house sitter services. Nonetheless, spy stores say that the top reason people buy these cams is to keep tabs on babysitters.

Nanny Cams – What the Carers Think

Stories in the press have centred on abuse as a motivating factor behind the use of nanny cams. However, some babysitters have said that cameras are a good way for families to remain more connected during working hours. The conflict appears to be on the issue of whether secret recording is acceptable. Some parents tackle the issue in advance, by informing prospective care providers that they use nanny cams. This way, parents can feel happier about leaving their children in someone else’s care. Then, it is the carer’s choice whether to agree to these terms.

The Legality of Concealed Cameras

Hidden cameras are legal in every US state. Nonetheless, parents are forbidden from recording dialogue, without the consent of carers, in these fifteen states: Connecticut, California, Florida, Delaware, Illinois, Hawaii, Maryland, Louisiana, Montana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon.

The Growing Trend of Hidden Cameras

Increasing numbers of day care facilities are using cameras. Some even offer parents the option to do spot checks, and observe their children during working hours. Other centers allow parents to watch live footage of their child’s lessons online. Parents say that, although they do not do it regularly, having the ability to go online and monitor their children is nice.

Obtaining a spy cam

Most electronic retailers supply general home surveillance cameras. Nonetheless, more advanced models are available online, or from specialist suppliers. Prices vary significantly, based on your requirements and expectations.

Understanding Nanny & Housekeeper Rules

Most families in the United States have full-time jobs, so it makes sense that there is always a need for housekeepers and nannies. Of course, allowing someone to take care of your child and home takes planning and coming up with precise ground rules. There should be a straightforward action plan, nanny & housekeeper rules, and goals that should be completed on each shift.

The Honor System

Nannies and housekeepers have unique jobs. They are trusted with their employees most important items, wealth, children, and more. Since there is not a lot of supervision with this job, employees should use the honor system. Nannies and housekeepers should be trustworthy people. Nanny and housekeeper rules should state that any type of theft will be prosecuted by the proper authorities.

Stay on Task

The job itself should always be the top priority for a housekeeper or a nanny. Outside guests should not be able to enter the residence unless permission was granted beforehand. A nanny should always keep track of where the child is at all times too and know exactly what he or she is doing.

You Need Approval to Discipline

Nannies often shift into the role of the parent when they are left in charge. They should not turn into disciplinarians though. Instead, their job is to keep the children safe until the parents come back home. Nannies should never punish the children under their care unless there are specific punishments discussed in the ground rules.

Keep the Line of Communication Open

Nannies and housekeepers always need to answer the phone when the parents or homeowners are calling. Not answering the phone will just make parents anxious and can lead to job loss if it is an ongoing behavior.

No Detours

If a nanny drives a child to school or picks up a child from school or any event, the nanny should not have to do anything else at this time. Nannies should not be running personal errands unless they have asked permission beforehand from the parents.

Clean Up Your Mess

In a house with children, it is important for the nanny or housekeeper to clean up after themselves. If you leave trash behind, this is not only disrespectful, but some trash can actually be dangerous to children and the residents in the home.

Nannies And Mothers – The Working Relationship

Countless Nanny -mother relationships become challenging and complex. The employee and the employer live different lifestyles, but both parties strive to create a happy, clean and safe environment where the child will thrive. Working hard to create a genuine, professional working relationship and forming a positive way of communication, which works for both parties could help see nannies and mothers through numerous years of happy child care.

Spell Out Expectations

It is vital to establish a satisfying nanny-mother relationship. Outlining expectations, recording and defining responsibilities, working hours, wages and holidays set the benchmark. Nannies and Mothers must agree to the terms and conditions to avoid future disputes. The employer should clarify the nannies role, it is best not to use indefinite terms such as preparing snacks and carrying out light household duties. Employers who request daily text-message updates regarding the welfare of their child should arrange this with the nanny. Consistency is a useful form of discipline; however, child disciplinary methods should be discussed beforehand. Monica Bassett is the author of a book entitled “The Professional Nanny” and the content within the publication explains the Nanny is not there to replace the parent; she is there in addition to the parent.

Create a Weekly Schedule

A percentage of parenting websites suggest nannies and mothers meet for weekly planning discussions. Both nanny and mother should voice opinions and concerns during these sessions. Regular meeting between nannies and mothers are useful, as they help to avoid exasperation and misperception. The nanny may not wholly agree with the parenting and discipline regime, however, she should respect the parent’s wishes. A nanny who is totally opposed to a certain parenting method should speak out during the weekly planning session.

Learning to Communicate

Countless overworked women employ nannies, but a percentage of these mothers fail to express their expectations, hence the nanny’s role is unclear. This can result in a less than ideal working relationship and passive-aggressive communications. In short, goals and expectations are not met, opinions are ignored, conflicts remain unresolved and concerns are left unexpressed. Mothers must remember that nannies are not mind-readers and a qualified nanny will always take a professional approach and be willing to compromise.

Nannies and Mothers should decide how to communicate, whether it is via a text message, an email or a face to face meeting.

Respect the Schedule and give the Nanny Space

Nannies have personal lives too, and employers who will be late home from work should give the nanny notice, it is only polite and fair to offer to pay the nanny for the overtime worked. The nanny is responsible for being prompt and efficient; however, she should not be expected to step in at a moment’s notice. Employers should implement a back-up plan for emergency childcare. Parents should tell nanny about routine changes, which will affect her, such changes include school camps, change in parents work schedules, vacations and day trips.

Nannies and Mothers should make every effort to get along well, hence welcomes, conversations and farewells should be sincere. A confident nanny will feel comfortable at work and this creates a secure and happy environment for the child.