Tutor Education for Children

The primary responsibility of a Tutor is to educate children. A Tutor may fill the role of both a teacher and mentor in a private household as well as organize and keep the children’s daily schedule. In addition, a Tutor is charged with providing a stimulating and friendly learning environment that will help encourage and motivate the child to excel. Often the Tutor will control the process of both schoolwork and after school studying, as well as escorting the children on field trips, trips with the parents or by themselves to various cultural activities.

We are able to aid in the placement of Tutors that have certifications that include, but are not limited to, NTA (National Tutoring Association), ITTPC (International Tutor Training Program Certification), ATA (American Tutoring Association), CPR and First-Aid certification.

While responsibilities are to be determined by you and your helper they often include some combination of the following:

  • Organizing and teaching children’s education enrichment activities
  • Overseeing children’s recreation, diet, health and deportment
  • Arranging parties and outings for children
  • Prepare and organize children’s lessons
  • Supervise homework and assist as required
  • Coordinate schedules between household members
  • Supervise and educate children during field trips and outings to the museum, theatre, etc.
  • Encourage pride in children’s school work
  • Ascertain the cause of any behavior problems and devise a solution to resolve them
  • Run errands and carry out special requests
  • Keep children’s learning and play areas clean and orderly