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Keep An Open Mind When Looking For A Housekeeper or Nanny

I have been running a housekeeper / nanny service for the past 40 years, and because of my qualifications in this field, I believe that I am an expert in finding the best help for people.

The single biggest mistake that people often  make is in the way that they narrow down  the field of possible candidates.

Very often an employer will call me to ask my assistance in finding a housekeeper or nanny for their home and say, “ my last girl was in her 20’s, from Poland and she was great.  Please find me the same thing.”  After further discussion I realize they will allow no latitude.  They do not want anybody younger or older or from any other country of origin.

Conversely, I may get a call saying,” I just had the worst experience.  I had a woman in her 50’s from Trinidad and she was awful.  Don’t send me anybody in that age group and definitely do not send me anybody from Trinidad.”

I certainly can understand somebody’s personal experience in this type of situation, but as someone who has dealt with thousands of employees, I am confident that these people are compromising their chances of finding the best possible worker.

The best applicants can come from anywhere and be of  almost any age.  Preconceived ideas based on limited experiences are simply counterproductive.  I have found the best and worst applicants coming from the same country.

Another suggestion I would make is for am employer to consider an applicant for housekeeping or child-care who has been out of the work force for a while.

Sometimes I interview a woman who has been a mom and homemaker and would now like to do the same type of work and get paid.

If an employer is at home and can monitor the ability of the person they hired, they should consider someone who does not have references in that field but has plenty of personal experience.

If your goal is to find the very best candidate to watch your children or clean your home, you should keep an open mind and make an effort to expand the pool of people from which to choose.

What to consider when searching for a child-care provider

Of course it is very important to find the right person when you are searching for someone to care for your children.  There are several considerations, which might help you to conduct an effective search.
One important factor when searching for a nanny is whether or not you are a working parent.  Being home and having the ability  to supervise a nanny or care provider is very different from being away and, of necessity delegating much more responsibility and decision making to the nanny.
You need a nanny with a greater level of experience and maturity if she is on her own with your children for many hours a day, and if this is your situation, it would be to your advantage to look for a nanny who has either had her own children or has worked in this field for several years.
If you are a stay at home parent you can afford to hire someone who seems nurturing and pleasant but who does not necessarily have  a long track record behind her in this field.

You should be aware, when hiring an au pair, that it is quite different from hiring a local American nanny.  Au pairs are usually quite young, typically, 18 – 23, and often have not been away from their home before.  They expect to do little, if any, household chores.  As well as looking after your children, they are eager to have a new cultural experience.

Sometimes a family wants their children to have a new cultural experience and bringing an au pair into the home makes this possible.  Au pairs usually come from abroad for a year.  They speak their own native language in addition to English.  It is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn a second language and get exposure to another culture.

It is usual for au pairs to accompany you on outings with your family, to have time to go sightseeing with other au pairs, and to sit with you at meal times.  In short, you are expected to treat them as a member of your family.

On the other hand, an American nanny is more of an employee.  She is with you for the sole purpose of helping you with your children as well as household chores if that is required.

Another   consideration when hiring a nanny is the age of your children.  If care is required for an infant it is advisable to hire someone who has extensive experience and strong references with infants.  If care is required for older children, you should be more concerned with the nanny’s personality.  You would probably look for someone who is lively, energetic and intelligent.

Your  particular life style should determine whether a foreign au pair or an American nanny would be more suitable.

The Importance of Having a Baby Nurse

During the initial stages post delivery, babies are prone to unusual challenges. Genetic disorders, prematurity or other medical conditions can present life-threatening risks to these infants. The discharge from the hospital indicates that your child has overcome the most serious threat to his or her young life, yet many infants require close monitoring and care by a knowledgeable, trained and experienced baby nurse. This is why it is imperative to have a baby-nurse. These professionals are highly trained and expert in assisting the parents. A baby nurse has a wealth of information and teaching skills, including sleep patterns and infant feeding. In simple words, they are a complete solution to all sorts of hassles after delivery. Having them on your side is no less than a boon.

Baby Nurse Services

Apart from providing support and guidance to parents, they offer professional solutions to all the situations enlisted below:

  • Laundering infant clothes

  • Changing

  • Bringing the baby to Mom for Feeding

  • Sterilizing bottles

  • Settling newborn back to sleep after feeding

  • Creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for baby during waking hours

  • Analyzing and informing baby’s patterns, including sleeping, feeding and changing times

  • Educating parents about care for twins and triplets.

  • Providing parental guidance and support

  • Consulting on lactation issues and more

These are some major aspects which is why having a professional is crucial. The Baby Nurses associated with reliable care agencies are experts with a clean background. Agencies carry out a thorough background verification of each and every professional in order to give a peaceful life to their customers. You can get in touch with them and ask for a personal interview. Have a one-to-one with the Baby Nurse you would like to hire and explain your expectations well in advance.

Baby Nurse Agencies New Jersey

Your children are the center of your world and people go to any extent to ensure that they are protected and safe at all times. However, when it comes to hiring a baby nurse, people do not bother much about the background check. At times, it turns out to be your biggest mistake. Therefore, to avoid mishaps you should carry out a good research and have a nurse for your child.

When you handover your little angels to a stranger, you need to make sure that the one you hire is skilled and trustworthy with a clean history.

Hiring a nanny can be a sensitive procedure. Therefore, there are plenty of baby nurse agencies who are associated with expert and reliable professionals. These agencies could provide you with the safest and most reliable nurses. The agencies have complete information about the nurses from their professional abilities to work history, which enables you to locate a nurse who can give you priceless peace of mind.

When it comes to having a new person at home, you naturally feel skeptical, as the one you hire is a stranger to both you and your home. If you are not satisfied with the information given by the agency and not sure of their background, taking opinions from others could be another effective solution. You can get in touch with people who employed that particular nurse previously. This will help you to understand her skills and level of reliability.

Reputed nanny agencies have extensive and highly meticulous screening procedure. All of the nannies must have at least two years experience, and have to undergo an extremely particular interviewing procedure. This ensures you will be getting only the best of the best nurse for your child.

With the help of agencies, you’ll get the opportunity to meet up with the nanny yourself and conduct your own interview.

So contact a well known nanny care agency and hire a nurse for your child.

When to put down your foot with Grandma

There is usually, but certainly not always, a slow decline in mental and physical acuity in the elderly.  We watch our parents slowly becoming less independent until one day we realize that leaving them on their own could be dangerous.  However, we are also sensitive to the fact that many elders want to hold on to their independence, sometimes long past the time when it is wise to do so.

I own Europa Domestics, a home and health agency, which places companions and nurses aides in the home.  I often get calls from clients telling me of their dilemma in being able to place a companion with their parent when it has become clear that the parent is faltering mentally or physically .  For example there is a fall or they forget to turn off the stove or worse but refuse to admit they need help.

For many the realization that they cannot continue to live alone is very unpleasant or even unacceptable. However, safety must override the desire for independence

In some cases the elderly are physically capable but have some degree of dementia.  They cannot remember if they have taken their medication. Or in more severe cases they fail to get dressed and perform the daily functions necessary for proper hygiene.

It is important for the person responsible for hiring a companion to take into account the sort of personality that would suit the elderly individual.

Sometimes a quiet and laid-back personality is more suitable and sometimes someone who is more aggressive and takes over to a larger measure is more suitable.  Of course, in either case you want to make sure the caregiver is sweet, mature, and attentive to the individual’s needs.

The children of the elderly should expect to see a happier, livelier and more cheerful parent once a companion has been placed in the home.  It is also expected that the home or apartment should be kept tidy and that proper meals are prepared for the elderly person.