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A Few Quick Tips about Hiring a Housekeeper

It is difficult to evaluate someone`s capability for performing household tasks if you yourself are unfamiliar with doing them.  A housekeeper may come to your home intending to use cleaning products or instrument that are familiar to her while you may want her to use completely different cleaning materials. For example, many people today want only “Green” products, which are environmentally friendly used in their homes.

It is best to be familiar with the tasks which need to be done so that you can instruct the new housekeeper and get her started in a manner which is acceptable to you.

If at the time of the interview the applicant seems reluctant about any of your requests or demands, it is best not to hire this person.

For instance, certain days or hours may be important to you and the applicant states that these days or times don’t really work for her.  She agrees never the less to take the job.  It has been my experience that this person will not last very long.  She will stay only until she finds what better suits her needs.

If a housekeeper asks you to loan her money, which she agrees to repay by partial deductions from her salary, it is best to refuse.  I have often heard stories of a housekeeper becoming indignant and claiming to the employer that the loan has already been repaid when it has not. The situation can become very muddled and usually will not work to your benefit.  Do not pay the salary in advance and make sure there is a very clear understanding of what her benefits and paid vacations are.

Do not settle for what you feel is mediocre work.  Employers usually give a person a trial.  If after several attempts to show and explain to the housekeeper how you want things done, it remains unsatisfactory, you should let that person go.   Usually housekeepers do their best work when they start a job and become less enthusiastic as time goes on.

Should your Nanny also be your Housekeeper?

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Is it reasonable to expect that the person who cares for your children should also maintain your home?  The answer depends on many factors.

The first factor to consider is whether both parents work full-time.  If the nanny is on her own as the caregiver, you cannot expect as much housekeeping to be done as you can when a parent is around at least part of the time.  Other factors, which must be considered, are how many children are being cared for, what are their ages, and just how much time and effort is required for the housekeepingl

You can probably expect very little care for the home if there are 2 or more children who require care.  If, on the other hand, most or all of the children are in school part of the day, you can expect the nanny to do some cleaning.

A logical way to determine a realistic set of expectations, would be to put yourself in the nanny`s situation and see what you could accomplish in a day when you are caring for your children.  If all your energy is sapped by child-care, you should not expect the nanny to do more than you are comfortable doing.

If there is a several hour gap when children are napping or in school, perhaps some cleaning or cooking could be expected.

At the time of the interview you may tell a prospective nanny that you expect a certain amount of housekeeping.  The employee may turn out to be an amazing nanny but she lets you know that anything beyond child-care is simply overwhelming and she is not prepared to do both.  You must then decide if you are willing to accept that situation.

Only if your nanny has a bloc of hours with absolutely nothing to do should you expect substantial housekeeping to be accomplished.  A Superwoman might do both simultaneously, but it is not realistic for you to expect that.

Assess your Situation:

  • How many hours is your nanny on her own with the children
  • How many children do you have and how old are they
  • How much time is the nanny spending on errands and just basic chores relating to the children.

It is also very important to be as clear and specific as possible at the time of the interview to let the nanny know what is most important to you and how you expect her to allocate her time.

What Refers to the Best Housekeeping Services?

Many individuals today find it difficult to manage both personal and professional life simultaneously. Here is when home staffing services come into picture. These experts are adept at providing all kinds of cleaning solutions to people without burning a hole in their pocket. On the other hand, they are quick and handy with all the techniques and cleaning equipments.

In this fast paced lives of people today, managing time to complete the household chores every other day has become next to impossible. Nowadays, people are engrossed in their professional lives to such an extent that sometimes household responsibilities are completely ignored. An uncleaned home gives a disappointing appearance and is also prone to several diseases that may affect the health of your loved ones. One can never afford to risk the health of their kids and elders who are more prone to diseases. In this situation, housekeeping specialists prove to be beneficial. These experts hold proficiency in providing all sorts of cleaning services for family, infant and elders. Having these professionals on your side could relieve your burden extensively.

There are countless reasons for hiring experts to clean your house. The major reasons is that these professionals are well versed with the tricks and techniques used for cleaning. Furthermore, they possess the right equipments and cleaning materials which help them in performing their job efficiently. Owing to these facts, people prefer hiring adept professionals rather than wasting their valuable time. Established agencies employ skilled staff to provide their customers with up-to-the-mark services leaving no room for complaints. Furthermore, they update their staff with innovative techniques that could help them in completing their task.

Lately, the demand for household cleaning services is increasing with each passing day. Many people are looking for experts who could help them clean their house in a hassle free manner. However, there are certain factors that should be considered before hiring the best one for your house among hundreds of service providers.

Tips to Keep in Mind while Hiring Home Staffing Professionals:

1) Experience – It does not matter which home cleaning professional are you hiring, make sure they have good years of experience under their name. An experienced service provider will be handy with the cleaning process and could save your valuable time by completing the task in a timely manner.

2) Types of Services – It is important to learn about the types of services the agency provide in order to make the right choice. If the agency specializes in almost all kind of home care services, then it is more likely to fulfill your home care requirements in an efficient manner thereby assuring you standard service.

3) Registered housekeeping services – You may come across several service providers online claiming to provide you with the Best Housekeeper Services. However, a registered agency will offer services adhering to the guidelines giving you mental satisfaction.

4) Reviews – Before finalizing on any service provider, having a look at the reviews will be really helpful as it can give you a clear picture about the efficiency of the agency. The service provider with experienced and dedicated professionals possess a list of satisfied customers under their name who could match up with your expectations.

5) Cost – Last but most important, always get quotes from the service providers about the charges of their services. By comparing the quotes offered by different agencies, you can easily find the most reliable and affordable home staffing service provider.