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Why You Need A Nanny

Why You Need a Nanny

 Many young women are faced with the decision of whether or not to pursue their career if they have children.

One argument women give in favor of staying home is that the cost of child care is so high, that after paying the nanny, not enough money is left over to make a job worth while.

However, there are counter arguments to this logic.  Even if the cost of a nanny does not leave much over after you are increasing your chances for future success by not leaving the workplace.  If a woman leaves her career for several years, she often returns to start at the lowest rung.  Sometimes many changes and innovations have occurred leaving the returning individual at a significant disadvantage.

There are several ways of cutting the cost of a nanny.  If you only need part time coverage, or if you have only one or 2 children, you may share a nanny with a friend or neighbor.

For women who assume the total care of household management and total care of their children, the assistance offered by a nanny can be a lifesaver.  Often a mom’s schedule involves transporting children to various activities all at the same time.  You may also have young children who would prefer to stay home instead of being taken along to all of your necessary errands.

It can also be  stressful to keep children busy and entertained while attending to other necessary duties.  A helping hand from a nanny or au pair can be very useful.  There is no reason to assume, if you find the right nanny, that your children will not be happy and well cared for.

If you can avoid stress by getting some help, you will enable yourself to  be happier and more relaxed so that both you and your children will be better off.

How A Nanny Changed Our Lives – Find The Perfect One Today!

How a nanny changed our lives!

One of my clients, who is a working mom, called me to request a new nanny.  She had called me several times on prior occasions, and I was always successful in finding a lovely girl for her.

On this occasion she seemed quite overwhelmed.  She needed somebody very intelligent, resourceful, energetic, and she needed her immediately.  She had four children between the ages of 9 and 15.

I found a lovely European girl who was interested in a live in job with older children.  This seemed to be a perfect fit but I did not realize how perfect.  It was a match made in heaven.

She sent the following email to someone and cc’d it to me.

“Our nanny, in her 20’s, entered our home and our lives have changed.The nanny is quite an extraordinary girl who has great discipline and a lot of common sense.  She is a strong role model for the children.”

It was a lengthy letter going into detail about how this young girl changed the dynamics and life style of the whole family.

“This nanny keeps a very healthy diet even if it means eating something different from the rest of the family.  When everybody snacks on ice cream and chips, she eats fruit instead.  As you know,  we are all  somewhat overweight.  The nanny created a game, which was a contest to see who could lose the most weight.  She encouraged the kids to exercise and jog with her. The children seemed eager to improve their appearance and just needed a nudge and a lot of praise.  They wanted to please her!”

“When I saw how the attitude of my children changed about eating and exercise I was shamed into falling into line.  It seems the nanny is a wealth of information about nutrition. On another front, the nanny changed how the kids interact.  They were always fighting and yelling at each other. She taught them to take a breath, wait until they calmed down and then clearly explain why they were upset.  It seemed that most disputes could be settled  when the kids calmed down,  presented their feelings in a logical way and she would mediate. I think Mary Poppins has entered my life.”

God willing, maybe you can find such a nanny for yourself!

Keep An Open Mind When Looking For A Housekeeper or Nanny

I have been running a housekeeper / nanny service for the past 40 years, and because of my qualifications in this field, I believe that I am an expert in finding the best help for people.

The single biggest mistake that people often  make is in the way that they narrow down  the field of possible candidates.

Very often an employer will call me to ask my assistance in finding a housekeeper or nanny for their home and say, “ my last girl was in her 20’s, from Poland and she was great.  Please find me the same thing.”  After further discussion I realize they will allow no latitude.  They do not want anybody younger or older or from any other country of origin.

Conversely, I may get a call saying,” I just had the worst experience.  I had a woman in her 50’s from Trinidad and she was awful.  Don’t send me anybody in that age group and definitely do not send me anybody from Trinidad.”

I certainly can understand somebody’s personal experience in this type of situation, but as someone who has dealt with thousands of employees, I am confident that these people are compromising their chances of finding the best possible worker.

The best applicants can come from anywhere and be of  almost any age.  Preconceived ideas based on limited experiences are simply counterproductive.  I have found the best and worst applicants coming from the same country.

Another suggestion I would make is for am employer to consider an applicant for housekeeping or child-care who has been out of the work force for a while.

Sometimes I interview a woman who has been a mom and homemaker and would now like to do the same type of work and get paid.

If an employer is at home and can monitor the ability of the person they hired, they should consider someone who does not have references in that field but has plenty of personal experience.

If your goal is to find the very best candidate to watch your children or clean your home, you should keep an open mind and make an effort to expand the pool of people from which to choose.

Why You Should Create A Nanny Contract And How To Get Started

Formal contracts are designed to protect all parties who are entering into a service agreement, especially in the event of disputes that might occur after contract documents have been signed. While a nanny contract could be an idea that makes you feel uncomfortable, according to the director of Domestic Workers United, Priscilla Gonzalez, this contract is capable of developing a respectful relationship between you and the nanny you have hired.

A solid nanny contract should talk about things like compensation, duties, responsibilities and vacation time.

1. With a word-processor or typewriter, type the words “Nanny Contract” at the top center of your first page.

2. Enter your name and address and the name, social security number and address of your nanny as well as the name of the charges that your nanny will be caring for.

3. Type the start date of employment and create a section titled “Responsibilities and Duties”. Beneath this heading, write the days and hours that will be worked by the nanny, a description of the related duties, whether these include cleaning, cooking, picking up children from school and activities as well as the nanny’s privileges, such as use of landlines, televisions and home computers.

4. Start a section titled “Compensation and Benefits”. Enter the salary info for your nanny, state whether taxes will be deducted and define how overtime will be compensated. State whether these payments will be issued on a weekly basis or otherwise. Incorporate benefits like paid holidays, sick days, personal days, vacation days and acceptable reasons for time off. State whether your nanny will be going on family vacations, whether health benefits are provided and when reviews are performed. If the nanny will be living with you write out how meals will be handled and if this individual will have his or her phone line.

5. Write down how you want transportation to be handled by the nanny if shuttling your children to activities and school. State whether this person will be added to your car insurance or if it will be necessary for your nanny to use a personal vehicle. If a personal vehicle is used, write down the planned compensation for mileage and whether you will be providing car seats for your kids.

6. Offer detailed instructions on parenting, like the number of hours that children can watch television, appropriate forms of discipline and the safety rules that should be observed.

7. Make statements concerning dealings with newborns and whether or not the nanny’s duties will include care for the newborn and how much compensation will be added in this event.

8. Determine whether this contract is “at will”, which means that you or the nanny will be able to terminate the agreement without the need for notice or whether you want to have a “notice” capacity so that either party will need to provide notice before terminating the agreement and you must additionally supply severance pay. If you have a “notice” contract, you will need to write the amount of severance pay that the nanny will get should notice of termination be supplied by either party.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Why to hire a nanny and what are the advantages of Nanny Services?

Children are the most important part of our life. Undoubtedly, we all love our children unconditionally. However, there are times when could not excel on both personal and professional front. If your household responsibilities like taking care of kids is taking a toll on your career, hire a nanny without feeling guilty. Hire Nanny and simply focus on work. It is the ideal solution to provide your kids with the best possible care.

Nannies are professionals who possess expertise in dealing with kids. They take good care of your little angels when you are away from home. Right from meals to bathing, they will look after everything. To cut the story short, nannies take over the role of mothers. These professionals are highly trained and skilled in offering exceptional solution to your issues. By having a reliable nanny at home, you can rest your concerns and concentrate on work.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Time : With a professional to deal with your kids at home, you can save a considerable sum of time that you can devote to other important commitments of life. Apart from work, you can enjoy weekend trips, parties and a treat at the parlor without any botheration.

Child development: Being a sophisticated professional, nannies help you to deal with the growing kids. Parents often fail to understand the child’s state of mind in a particular situation. Here, nannies prove helpful as they can provide the necessary guidance to the parent.

Cost-effective Services: Hiring nanny services from nanny agency in usa are undeniably one of the most cost-effective solutions available. There are full-time as well as part-time nannies available to manage your kids while you are away.

Nanny services are gaining immense popularity among people with each passing day. Owing to this popularity many agencies emerged in the market providing nanny services at highly competitive rates. Honestly, hiring an individual from agencies gives you a priceless peace of mind as these agencies place nannies after a thorough background check and reliable referrals. That means, you have someone trustworthy with your kids. Get in touch with a reliable agency and hire nanny services in New Jersey.

What is the role of a nanny in your child’s nutrition?

What is the role of a nanny in your child’s nutrition?

The answer is very simple. The nanny is expected to be your surrogate when it comes to the nutrition of your children. Most mothers are aware to some degree of the importance of healthy nutrition for their children, but there is a great range of opinions as to what constitutes healthy nutrition.

To complicate matters further, mothers vary widely in just how assertive and persistent they are willing to be to ensure the best possible nutrition for their children.

In addition, nannies vary in their ideas about what children should be fed. It is the mother’s job to give these matters careful thought and lay out well defined guidelines and expectations for the nanny

This process should entail more than conversational and written guidelines.  It should involve discussions of realistic scenarios that are likely to occur when the child’s wishes come into conflict with your wishes. These conflicts could be difficult to deal with and might at times require your input regarding specific situations.

It is very important for the nanny to understand that the communication channels are always open when such questions arise.  A lot of frustration can be avoided if this subject is discussed at the time of the interview

Tips for Hiring The Best Nannies

Duties of a nanny in the home include a great deal over and above taking care of children and keeping them mentally stimulated and physically active. Timetables for homework, plans for outings, talent development and teaching of crafts are also taken into account, as is car-pooling and light housekeeping duties. So how do you find the perfect candidate?

Nanny Placement Agencies

There is a growing need for nanny placement agencies all over America due to most families not really knowing how to go about hiring a suitable nanny for their home needs, or even what the hiring process involves. Details such as the level of salary to offer, hours of work per day, off-duty arrangements and what to offer in the case of live-in positions are all important aspects to the hiring process that could be overlooked.

A good nanny placement agency will provide parents with all the information needed before hiring somebody to take care of their children. They’ll also make suggestions or stipulations with regards to what the nanny should be paid and what benefits he or she should receive.

A reliable nanny service will be permanently available and responsive to constant client questions, which may arise even after the placement has been made. They’ll be on hand to provide relevant information pertaining to what is and isn’t suitable with regards to the relationship between parents and the nanny and can offer advice for first time employers. Each scenario is different and brings about different requirements from the nanny and for the family. Whatever the circumstances, helpful guidelines are offered as to what the employer is expected to provide and what can be at his or her discretion.

Hiring the right nanny to take on the role of child-minder and caregiver is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Have you ever used a nanny placement agency? What were your experiences?

What you should know before interviewing candidates for your nanny position.

Yourface-to-face interview with the nanny candidate should be intuitive, insightful, and relaxed.  It is important that you be aware of things that are not said or done as well as what is.

Your search for the nanny must be very organized.

You must have a system for efficiently recording all relevant data about each candidate in a readily and reliably accessible manner.

The information must include but not be limited to a basic description of physical characteristics, and more subjective impressions regarding the individual’s demeanor, communicative skills, attitude, and fitness for the job.

Necessary basic information, which must be discussed and listed, will include work hours, salary, vacations and willingness to perform specific chores, references and geographical location.

Often people don’t ask enough questions on the phone and then find some unfortunate deal breaker at the in-person interview, which should never have taken place to begin with.

For instance, everything can be going great until the candidate mentions that she would not work for less than $20 an hour and you were thinking more in the range of $14.  So even if all else seems to be on track, this candidate must be dropped from consideration, and you will have wasted time, which could have, been applied to the search.

You must anticipate potential incompatibilities and bring them up for discussion early in the encounter in order to avoid wasting your valuable time.

Now, as for the actual interview, the following should be considered to be red flags for immediate rejection.

1-     The candidate shows up inappropriately dressed.

2-     She does not make eye contact with you.

3-     Your children are present and she does not interact with them at all.

4-     Something that she says or does leaves you vaguely or specifically uneasy.

5-     She makes numerous demands before she is offered the job.

6-     She makes excuses for not supplying you with a verifiable reference

What you do want is a sweet, caring, trustworthy, dependable person who you feel will comfortably fit in with your family.

After you have hired someone to be your nanny, you must not discard your notes.  It has been my experience that your first choice candidate may change her mind about the position just before starting the job or that you or she is dissatisfied with the job shortly after she has started working..

It is usually a good idea to call the rejected candidates just to inform them that even though they were not your first choice, you will keep them in mind for the position if things do not work out with the individual who you did hire.

In conclusion, be as precise as you can when outlining your expectations.  You do not want unpleasant surprises later on.

Do not keep an employee longer than necessary if you find that you are dissatisfied with her.  Many people are reluctant to make a change once they   have hired someone.There is a strong tendency to follow the path of least resistance and to avoid the unpleasant situation of having to fire someone.

It has been my experience that if you have multiple complaints about the nanny`s job performance, you will, within a few months, be forced to let her go.

There should be an understanding that there is a trial period.  During this time you should feel free to politely criticize and express any objections.  Always remember, this is the person with whom you are entrusting your children.

Why you should be very nice to your nanny

I recently had two friends who thought a tragedy had befallen them.  They each claimed they had the best possible nanny.  In one case, Joan, had her nanny since the birth of her first child.  Her nanny had been with her for three years helping her with two newborns during that period.  She would sometimes proclaim, jokingly, that her nanny was more important to her than her husband.   I   do not know what she was paying her nanny but I do know she tended to be on the less generous side where money was concerned

My other friend, Nancy, depended heavily on her nanny because she had a full-time job and her child was autistic.  She would sometimes remark how happy she was to have her nanny because her child seemed to respond very well to her and she felt so comfortable leaving her child in her care .

When both of these friends called me to say their nannies had quit I was quite surprised.

In the case of both of my friends their neighbors took their beloved nanny away from them. They felt doubly betrayed.   When nannies take their charges for an outing they are sometimes admired for their skill by the neighbors who themselves have children.   As  it happened with both of my friends these nannies were approached and made an offer which they obviously could not refuse.

Sometimes a situation like this is simply unavoidable.  I own  Europa Domestics, for a nanny and housekeeper services.  I  advise my clients to err on the side of generosity if they love their help.

The moral of the story is never take your help for granted.  Be as friendly and generous as circumstances allow.

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