Testimonial – Hear From Some Of Our Happy Clients

Rose Z. I’m a busy working mother of three young children, two of which are very energetic young boys. I was failing as a working mom trying to juggle the responsibilities on my plate – my job was suffering, my kids were suffering, and my sanity was definitely suffering. With much thought and research, I found your company. After discussing my needs with me, you matched me up with the absolute BEST nanny! Let me just say that my life and my children’s lives have been changed for the better. Our new nanny has been with us for one month. Now, when I come home from work, supper is prepared; the house is clean and organized; homework is completed; and best of all my kids are happy. I’m particularly appreciative for the diligence of your team and Tricia, our nanny. One day I was at work and my youngest son had an asthma attack. Thankfully, the nanny knew exactly what to do. Our son was fine after she administered a breathing treatment, and she called me and our doctor right away to let us know. If it had not been for her skilled and professional care, I shudder to think what could have happened. Your agency promised our family a highly trained and skilled nanny, and you certainly delivered that and more. She has such a warm way with the children; she’s almost like an Aunt to them. I would like to thank your agency for alleviating my stress and helping me regain control and focus in my life.

Rose Z.  |  Lakewood NJ

Sylvia F. Lakewood NJI can’t imagine an agency better at matching our hiring needs than Europa Domestics. You asked all the right questions, including many I’ve never given any thought to. You matched us up with the exact help that we needed. The insights you gave us on what to look for and ask about during interviews were immensely helpful. As our needs grow, we plan to use your services again up the road. Thank you so very much.

Sylvia F.  |  New York City

Zepnep O. New York CityThank you for enabling me to regain my focus and sense of control. We trust completely in our nanny’s abilities, skills, and everything she does. I am still a stay-at-home mother, but with the nanny’s help I am able to get so much more done around my home, and when my chores and household duties are done I get to have real quality time with my kids.

Zepnep O.  |  Hoboken

Helen C. HobokenI feel you lived up to your promises, and they weren’t small. From the moment I saw the credentials of the nanny you matched me up with, I took great comfort. I had thought it might be unrealistic to ask for a nanny that has CPR certification, baby nurse certification, and newborn care specialization. Dora has so many wonderful qualities but these just help me and Ron sleep so much better at night. We know our baby girl is safe in her care. Your services meet a standard shared by few businesses I’ve dealt with in any industry.

Helen C.  |  Wykoff NJ

Debbie C. Wykoff NJMy household now runs smoothly thanks to your agency’s staffing help. I have a full fleet of staff assisting me with grounds maintenance, security, landscaping, and housekeeping all thanks to your agency. The fact that I could go to one trustworthy place and get all of this help is wonderful. I don’t know what you do to find precisely the right people but keep doing what you do. Thank you for being my one-stop resource. Please thank Anne-Marie, she was such a delight to deal with and she went above and beyond helping me each step of the way.

Debbie C.  |  Haverford Pa

Sam R. Haverford PaYou were honest and easy to work with. You listened, worked with my needs and budget constraints, and did not waste my time. Your services are priced reasonably, there were no hidden fees or added costs and your contract was clear and simple.

Sam R.  |  Saddle River

Doreen F. Saddle RiverOur family truly appreciates the time your network took with us. We had been searching on our own for a nanny for months without any good results. It scares me to think we might have accepted a nanny who was just good enough to skate by when waiting in the wings was someone who changes the quality of our family’s day-to-day life.Thanks to your help we have a new nanny – who cooks, cleans, and changes diapers, all with a smile.

Doreen F.  |  Rye Brook

Sharon T. Rye BrookI am writing to thank you for all your help with the transition of my mother’s move into her smaller home. It was very sad and stressful after my father’s passing, but my mother really did need to downsize. Thankfully, your staff immediately calmed me down by letting me know was in their good and capable hands. The move was such a critical transition for my Mom and I knew she would need a lot of help with not only the move, but with winter snow removal and summer lawn care, as she is unable now to do it on her own.I can rest assured knowing that the next snowstorm we have, she will not be out there risking a broken back trying to get the snow cleared.

Sharon T.  |  Long Branch NJ

Lenore K. Long Branch NJI would like to endorse your housekeeping service. There is no amount of money that could be paid for the value our housekeeper is bringing to our home. Also, you seamlessly guided us through the hiring process. I spoke to more than one of your colleagues and they were all pleasantly helpful.

Lenore K.  |  Alpine NJ

Alina T. Alpine NJMy mother in law, who criticizes everything I do was recently to our home. I had a new nanny, who I found through your service and was fully expecting my mother in law to criticize her performance of childcare but instead she said, “ Good job on finding such a pleasant girl.

Alina T.  |  Scarsdale