Creative Ways To Save Money While Employing A Nanny

Creative Ways To Save Money While Employing A Nanny

The cost of employing a nanny for parents who work a very long day can be prohibitive.  In addition, many families also need to hire some household help once a week  which brings the total still higher.

I have spoken to many parents over the years that have dropped out of the work force because of the prohibitive expenses of child-care .

Having been involved with a nanny agency for the past 37 years I have learned that there are creative ways to cut the cost of help in your home and possibly make access to a nanny possible when you might have assumed that  this was not affordable.

  • Often, a parent needs someone at home to see a child off, or take a child to school in the morning. After the children are gone there is no need for someone to be at home until later in the afternoon.   You can try to arrange a job for several hours for your nanny while you don’t really need her.   I often suggest this to a parent.  I arrange a job for 3 or 4 hours for the nanny nearby which allows her to make even more money.  This also lets someone whose needs are very part time to engage a nanny and lets parents pay less by cutting down on the excess hours which they would have otherwise  had to pay for.
  • Often parents engage a nanny for a very long day to do a job, which requires only a few hours of real work. For example: parents have one young child who naps twice a day.  When hiring a nanny, who you know will have many free hours, the job requirement should include housekeeping and some cooking.
  • Another way to cut down costs is to consider sharing a nanny with another family. If you and a neighbor each have similar needs, and between you have not more than 3 kids, this should be a consideration.

Creative ways to cut down the cost of child-care can be a lifesaver for many families. Contact us today to find the perfect nanny while saving money!






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