Do You Really Need a Housekeeper?

Do You Really Need a Housekeeper?

When the responsibility of housekeeping is totally up to you, it is not unusual to sometimes feel overwhelmed by your numerous responsibilities. In addition to a demanding job and caring for our children, we also have to manage our homes.

When it all seems to get beyond our control, our frustration may be expressed towards our family as loss of patience or even anger.

One of the easiest ways to ease a burdensome schedule is to get help to maintain your home. However, some people feel that having a stranger in the house is

Intrusive and would rather just do everything themselves regardless of the burden which they are assuming.

This concern can be alleviated, at least in part, by careful screening of the candidate at the interview process. Finding someone who is discrete with a calm and sensitive manner can make a difference. When getting references ask the former employer if the housekeeper is chatty and “in your face”. Let the employee know that you are not interested in having much conversation during the workday.

Another common concern with getting a housekeeper is the assumption that nobody is going to do as thorough a job of cleaning, as they would do themself. Regardless of whether or not this is true it is still possible to get a very thorough housekeeper. You have the option of trying several people before making your ultimate choice, and you can show them exactly how you like things to be done.

Another cause for reluctance to hire housekeepers is the often-erratic schedules of the employer who may not want someone in the house when they are not there. A possible solution to that is to share a housekeeper with someone else. If you or they are away it may be possible to coordinate your schedules to your satisfaction.

Still another concern is the expense. Cost can be lowered if you work together with the employee so that the workday is shortened by one half.

I suggest that you experiment with having household help for a while in order to see for yourself if the quality of your life is improved.

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I have been using Europa Domestics for many years. Over the years I have hired 3 live in housekeepers and was very happy with the attention I always got from Eva. She always followed up to find out how things were working out. I found out that when she made a strong recommendation she was spot on. It is enjoyable to work with her.