Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur Services

While the main responsibility of a Chauffeur is driving, he or she can have a wide variety of other duties. A chauffeur who works for a private household is typically not only responsible for driving family members to and from daily activities including work, school, and various business and social functions, but they are also expected to keep their employers’ cars well-maintained by scheduling appointments to have them serviced or repaired, or even perform minor repairs themselves.

In addition, a Chauffeur is usually responsible for keeping up the car’s outstanding appearance through washing, waxing and polishing. A Chauffeur is also expected to help his passengers by carrying luggage and other items as well as running errands.

There are strict requirements in the Chauffeurs that we place, depending on requirements of the exact position. Some of those standards may include a specially endorsed driver’s license and a medical card.

While Chauffeur responsibilities are determined by your particular needs, they often include:

  • Picking up and dropping off patrons
  • Greeting passengers and presenting a professional and polished demeanor
  • Carrying luggage and packages
  • A strong knowledge of the local area, enabling the Chauffeur to quickly and smoothly get the passenger(s) to their destination
  • A familiarity with the community with the ability to recommend top restaurants, attractions and hot spots
  • Keeping the employer’s vehicles clean and well-maintained
  • Scheduling appointments for vehicle repairs and service checks
  • Delivering packages, personal items, flowers or messages
  • Making the travel experience smooth and easy

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