Doula Services

Doula Services

The primary duties of a Doula include providing continuous physical and emotional support to a new mother before, during and shortly after the birth of her baby. Birth Doulas focus on developing a birth plan and helping pregnant women learn more about the birth process, and may even be present during the birth.

A Post-Partum Doula typically focuses on providing support services and education to the mother after the birth, including lactation education, circumcision care education, and emotional support, but do not generally provide direct care of the newborn.

We are able to aid in the placement of Doulas who have certifications that include, but are not limited to, international certification through DONA, ALACE, ICEA, NAPS and CAPPA, as well as First-Aid and CPR certifications.

While the exact responsibilities will be determined by you and your Doula, they can often include some combination of the following:

  • Consulting with the mother-to-be and helping her to develop a birth plan
  • Educating and providing a simple explanation of medical procedures pertaining to giving birth
  • Providing emotional support and giving advice during pregnancy
  • Making physical suggestions that will make pregnancy more comfortable
  • Providing massage and other means of natural pain relief during child birth
  • Helping to support the mother’s partner so they can give encouragement to the woman in labor
  • Helping with breastfeeding preparation
  • After the birth, a post-partum doula may share information on baby care to the new parents as well as siblings and assure that the mother stays well-fed, hydrated and comfortable
  • The post-partum doula may also help foster independence for all members of the family

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