Europa Domestics Governess Services

Europa Domestics Governess Services

The main focus of Governess is similar to that of a nanny in that the position is traditionally one that takes care of your children. A governess, however, typically has a higher education and is often a degreed teacher. The position usually functions as more of an educator than one who is charged with cleaning up after the children, and usually holds a Bachelor’s Degree. Some who are employed in this position serve as the head of the household.

We are able to aid in the placement of a Certified Professional Governess who is required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with the training and expertise to provide a greater focus on education and tutoring.

While the exact responsibilities are to be determined by you and your Governess, they often include some combination of the following:

  • Organizing and scheduling the duties of other household employees such as nannies, maids, cooks and gardeners
  • Helping the children with homework and other lessons
  • Preparing important document and filling out school forms
  • Organizing and planning family parties and other special occasions
  • Helping either parent with their daily plans and various chores or demands
  • Planning and participating in other children’s activities such as after-school sports and other functions
  • Supporting and guiding other employees with their tasks, making sure they are carried out correctly
  • Training new employees
  • Assuring the health and safety of the children

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