Understanding Nanny & Housekeeper Rules

Understanding Nanny & Housekeeper Rules

Most families in the United States have full-time jobs, so it makes sense that there is always a need for housekeepers and nannies. Of course, allowing someone to take care of your child and home takes planning and coming up with precise ground rules. There should be a straightforward action plan, nanny & housekeeper rules, and goals that should be completed on each shift.

The Honor System

Nannies and housekeepers have unique jobs. They are trusted with their employees most important items, wealth, children, and more. Since there is not a lot of supervision with this job, employees should use the honor system. Nannies and housekeepers should be trustworthy people. Nanny and housekeeper rules should state that any type of theft will be prosecuted by the proper authorities.

Stay on Task

The job itself should always be the top priority for a housekeeper or a nanny. Outside guests should not be able to enter the residence unless permission was granted beforehand. A nanny should always keep track of where the child is at all times too and know exactly what he or she is doing.

You Need Approval to Discipline

Nannies often shift into the role of the parent when they are left in charge. They should not turn into disciplinarians though. Instead, their job is to keep the children safe until the parents come back home. Nannies should never punish the children under their care unless there are specific punishments discussed in the ground rules.

Keep the Line of Communication Open

Nannies and housekeepers always need to answer the phone when the parents or homeowners are calling. Not answering the phone will just make parents anxious and can lead to job loss if it is an ongoing behavior.

No Detours

If a nanny drives a child to school or picks up a child from school or any event, the nanny should not have to do anything else at this time. Nannies should not be running personal errands unless they have asked permission beforehand from the parents.

Clean Up Your Mess

In a house with children, it is important for the nanny or housekeeper to clean up after themselves. If you leave trash behind, this is not only disrespectful, but some trash can actually be dangerous to children and the residents in the home.

Request A Call Back

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