What you need to know when hiring a housekeeper

What you need to know when hiring a housekeeper

If your household chores are piling up faster than you can keep up with them, it may be time to consider hiring housekeepers services.  Whether you are busy with work, children, or various activities, it can be wonderful to have someone to care for your home.

Below are some tips:  If you decide to try to find someone on your own, start by asking relatives and acquaintances if they could recommend someone.  If that fails, try to find a reputable domestic employment agency.  This can be done by asking for recommendations or by surfing the web.  Whether you do it on your own or whether it is done through an agency, it is a multi-step process.

Let me walk you through the process of what needs to be done when you are conducting the search on your own.  You will need to advertise in several newspapers with a specific description of what it is you are looking for.  You then must have a plan to be very organized about fielding telephone calls, which will  come in at all hours of the day.  If a candidate seems promising, you will need to have a lengthy telephone interview to determine whether the candidate fits your needs.  You must keep detailed information about all the candidates you are considering.  You can either meet with the candidates first to decide if you want to take the process further, or you can call their references first to decide whether you want to meet them.  When you feel you have several candidates in mind it is time to start setting up in-person interviews.

At the interview engage the candidate in some discussion about himself or herself.  Be clear about your expectations so that there are no misunderstands later.  Discuss specific matters such as when you expect the workday to start and end and how much time they would take for lunch.  Will you provide food?  And if so, what are the candidate’s food preferences.  Discuss salary, vacation, benefits, if there are any, and when to expect a raise, if there will be any.

Make it clear at the beginning that this is a trial period.  You may also want to try out more than one person before making your final decision.  Once you are fairly confident that you have made a good choice, you need to vet that person.  You should contact an agency that will do a background check to determine that this person has not been convicted of any crimes.  If the person will be using your car for errands, you should also have the agency do a driver’s check.

Be prepared to realize after a few weeks that you might have made the wrong decision and go back to your notes for the second choice person and see if he or she is still available.

If this process seems too time consuming and daunting for you, then the logical course of action is to contact a reputable domestic employment agency.

If you decide to use a domestic employment agency consider calling Europa Domestics.

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