Your Nanny Just Gave You Two Weeks Notice!

Your Nanny Just Gave You Two Weeks Notice!

Your nanny just gave you two weeks notice!

You and your husband have very demanding responsibilities at your full time jobs, and your nanny just told you that she has accepted another position and is giving you two weeks notice.  You start to hyperventilate.  You are barely managing your life as it is; work, home, and children, not to mention any badly needed leisure.  You ask if she could give you more time to try to find somebody new because two weeks is just not enough time, but she says no.  The best thing you can do is to call a nanny service and explain your dilemma.

Is there anything you could have done to prevent this calamity or could you have seen this coming?  Maybe.  When an employee who is usually enthusiastic and engaged suddenly seems detached you need to take notice.  Or when your employee who is usually very agreeable begins making unreasonable demands such as asking for more time off or becoming very inflexible, you should consider these changes as warning signs which must not be ignored.

With a busy work schedule you know that 2 weeks in not enough time for this very important endeavor.   You don’t have many options so you spring into action.  On the one hand you want your next hire to be chosen carefully without feeling like you are under the gun.  One of your options is to ask the nanny agency if they have people who are interested in just filling in for short periods while you carefully look for a permanent person in the event that becomes necessary.

When interviewing people, make sure that you know how long that employee has remained at previous positions.  You don’t want somebody who makes a habit of jumping from job to job at unacceptably short intervals. You must realize that if the salary, which you offer, is not consistent with her expectations, she will likely be searching for another position even though she accepts your offer for a short period of time.

Before you make your choice, arrange for your prospective new nanny to come on the weekend if you cannot do this during the usual workweek in order to see how she interacts with you and the children.

If it turns out that you like more than one candidate let your second choice know that if things don’t work out in the first few weeks with the person you have hired you will let her know.

Its important to avoid being held hostage by your nanny because she knows how much you depend on her, so it is best to be very clear at the outset what you are offering, and what you expect.  Be clear about salary, overtime, paid holidays and sick days. Discuss your expectations specifically with regard to her duties about  full or light cleaning.  Make a list of the chores you expect her to take care of.  Anticipate situations, which might occur and tell her your thoughts and expectations and ask her to do the same.

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I have been using Europa Domestics for many years. Over the years I have hired 3 live in housekeepers and was very happy with the attention I always got from Eva. She always followed up to find out how things were working out. I found out that when she made a strong recommendation she was spot on. It is enjoyable to work with her.